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Friday, 7 December 2018

Free 2018/2019 Nabteb Gce Civic Education questions and answers expo/runz posted/available

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Law can be defined as a body of rules and regulations through which a society is governed to maintain peace and orderliness. In other words it is a recognized caused link or principle, violation of which must or should result in a penalty. Laws are made by government, specifically by their legislature.

(i) Corporate law: This is a body of law that takes care of business and making it abide by the law. corporate law help the clients and professionals to run their business while staying withing the legal boundaries. 
(ii) Energy law : It is a body of law that work with companies to manage the taxation of energy. It is a law that take care of providing information about rights of the companies on energy rich lands and their licenses. 
(iii) Criminal law : This is body of law that relates to crime. It is the body of rules that defines conduct that is not allowed because it is held to threaten, harm or endanger the safety and welfare of people. 
(iv) Civic law: This is the law of the street of nation that deals with the tight of citizen. 
(v) Public law : It is a law that controls the relationship between arms of government (Federal, state and local) in the country. 

(i) Law enable us to know our rights. 
(ii) It enable us to know when our right is been infringed
(iii) It protects citizens.


(i) Legislature: This is the arm of government that is responsible for making law. It is otherwise known as parliament. It is a place where important decision are made. Legislatures form important parts of most governments; in the separation of powers model, they are often contrasted with the executive and judicial branches of government. 

(ii) Executive: This is the arm of government that is responsible for policy making and implementation. They are also responsible for implementation and enforcement of laws made by the legislature. It is the second but most powerful organ of the government

(iii) Judiciary: Is the arm of government that is responsible for interpretation and application of the laws when they are broken or violated.

(i) Foreign diplomacy: Handling foreign diplomacy is one of the important functions performed by the national or central government of a sovereign state.
(ii) Military Defence: A political society's national or central, government is responsible for preserving the security of that society from foreign aggression. The government maintain Armed Forces and when necessary, utilizes them to protect the territory and people it govern from attacks and invasion by foreign powers. 
(iii) Administration of justice: To enforce the rule of law a government must operate a system of laws and courts that makes all adults and citizens equal


(i) Life coping skill. 
(ii) Manipulation skill. 
(iii) Intellectual skill. 
(iv) Communicative skill.
(v) Artistic skill. 

(i) Life coping skill: This is a skill that has to do with the ability to cope with problems task or different situations. This is a skill to deal with situations successfully.

(ii) Manipulation skill: This is a youth empowerment skill in which things or events are manipulated to provide a particular result. It involves the ability to skillfully control, direct, coordinate events and achieve a desired and positive result. 

(iii) Intellectual skill: This has to do with the acquisition of ability to think and to understand ideas and information. The skill enables the youth to prepare themselves for studying and thinking about complicated ideas. 

(iv) Communicative skill: Communication is a process that allows people to exchange information by several methods. Communication requires thG all parties involved understand a common language that is exchanged with each other

(v) Artistic skills: This is a skill of creativity and ability to arrange things in an attractive way. It is the skill of inventing and designing real and imaginary objects.


(i) Violence 
(ii) Breakdown of social values
(iii) Criminal tendencies
(iv) Moral decadence 
(v) Bad influence 

(i) Bad influence: Cultism gives bad influence on our upcoming youths in the society 
(ii) Moral decadence: The activities  of cultism groups cause moral decadence because of their anti social acts that are strange and dangerous to peaceful coexistence of the people.
(iii) Violence: Cult groups usually perpetrate violent acts like killing of people who are against them or have offended any of the members. 
(iv) Breakdown of social values: Social values are broken down in society where cultism is the order of the day. 
(v) Criminal Tendencies: There will be various criminal activities such as robbery, kidnapping, rape etc. 

(i) All parents must ensure that they give their children or wards adequate home training. 
(ii) The young adults themselves must uphold societal values and obey the rules and regulations. 
(iii) Our leaders should govern the people very well and get rid of cult groups in the society. 
(iv) Government must ensure that arms and ammunitions are regulated from circulation.
(v) The government should make effective legislation on the menace of cultism and if there is an enabling environment for its enforcement, the menace of cultism will be prevented in the society.


(i) The law is Supreme to both the government and the governed. 

(ii)  Both the rulers and ruled are equal before the law irrespective of the social status of anyone in the society.

(iii) An accused person should be allowed to choose his defence counsel who should have access to all the relevant documents that might assist in the preparation of his case. 

(i) It helps to reduce the rate of crimes in any given state. 
(ii) It ensures the independence of the judiciary in the state. 
(iii) It brings about good government and development. 
(iv) It gives upper edge(supremacy) to the laws of a state over her citizens. 
(v) It gives the citizens confidence in the government and ensures OT guarantees legitimacy and stableness of government. 
(vi) It serves as a watch dog to all the citizens by watching over most dealings even when the government and her agents are not there to watch over people's dealings.


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