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NECO 2018
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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

2018/2019 NECO SSCE CHEMISTRY Practical Specimen Questions And Answers JUNE/JULY

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2018/2019 NECO SSCE Chemistry Practical Specimen Questions And Answers JUNE/JULY

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The National Examination Council (NECO) has released and published the Chemistry Practical Specimen Out Online for 2018/2019 Examination.
NECO Specimen for any practical subjects is always sent to the school before the day of the Practical.

The National Examination Council, NECO is an examination body that conducts the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) in June/July and the General Certificate of Education (GCE) in November/December. The Examination is strictly for only candidates from Nigeria.

According to the 2018 NECO Timetable, NECO Chemistry practical is scheduled to hold on;
Wednesday 6th June 2018
Practical – Chemistry – 10:00am – 12:00noon
NECO Chemistry Specimen has been sent to all the centres conducting this year NECO Examination. Below is the 2018 NECO Chemistry practical specimen;

NECO 2018/19 Chemistry Practical Specimen Out

  • Measured Dilute sodium hydroxide solution
  • Measured Dilute ammonia solution
  • Some quantity of Dilute hydrochloric acid
  • A rubber filled with Distilled water
  • Blue and Red litmus paper for practical
  • New Fehling’s solution (I & II)
  • A glass filled with Concentrated tetraoxosulphate (vi) solution (H2SO4)
  • Recently prepared iron (II) tetraoxosulphate (VI) solution (Fe2SO4), burette (60cm 3), a pipette (30cm3 or 35cm3), filtration apparatus, methyl orange, boiling tube, test tubes, SALTS: CuO, ZnSO4, Na2CO3

This is how the question may come out on the exam day: In addition to the fittings and reagents normally contained in a chemistry laboratory, the following apparatus and materials will be required by each candidate
  • 1 burette of 60cm3 capacity
  • 1 pipette, either 30cm3 or 35cm3. All candidates at one centre must use pipettes of the same volume. These should be clean and free from grease

Regular Specimen Apparatus for Titration in Chemistry
This is a complete list of usual/regular apparatus and reagents for qualitative work including the following with all reagents appropriately labelled to avoid any mistake.
  • Four test tubes
  • Wash bottle containing distilled/deionized water
  • Mathematical table/calculator.
  • Dilute sodium hydroxide solution
  • Barium chloride solution
  • Dilute trioxonitrate (V) acid
  • Glass rod
  • Aqueous ammonia
  • Dilute hydrochloric acid
  • Silver trioxonitrate (V) solution
  • Dilute tetraoxosulphate (VI) acid
  • Filtration apparatus
  • Spatula
  • Two boiling tubes

According to National Examination Council (NECO), each candidate should be supplied with the following, where ‘n’ is the candidate’s serial number.
  1. 150cm3 of ethanedioic acid (H2C204) solution in a corked flask or bottled labelled ‘An’. These should all be the same containing 4.50g of H2C204 per dm3 of solution.
  2. 150cm3 of potassium tetraoxomanganate (VII) solution in a corked flask or bottle labelled ‘Bn’. These should all be the same containing 3.16g of KMnO4 per dm3 of solution.
  3. One spatula of a uniform mixture of NaCl and ZnCO3 in a specimen bottle labelled ‘Cn’. The components of the mixture should be in the ratio 1:1 by mass.

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